Paintworx, Inc.

Paintworx, Inc. is an elite painting contractor in the Seattle Metro Area and we are committed to meeting the highest standards for quality of work and service. We plan for each job carefully, communicate clearly and then follow through for results that make your home or business stand out.

The Paintworx Way:

Keep it Clean

Our cleanliness is second to none. We pay careful attention to creating a tidy workspace that contains dust and drips, and we thoroughly clean any area that we’ve worked in once we have finished the project.

Keep it Safe

We do not use subcontractors for painting, we have our own employees who are good at their job, and we want to keep them around! Our career craftsmen are committed to keeping our job sites safe for themselves and others, and our regular safety and training meetings ensure that the well-being of our crew and our customers is always a priority.

Make it Fun

We’re an upbeat group of painting contractors and we all enjoy our job, so whether we are guests in your home or business for a day or for a few weeks we are dedicated to making the experience as pleasant as possible.

Do it Once

And do it right. We have thousands of successful painting projects on our resume and we are also constantly working to learn and improve as the painting industry changes and moves forward. Paintworx, Inc. is the company that you can count on to properly plan and implement a beautiful job that will last.

Our jobsites are kept tidy and tobacco free, and all of our employees are well trained, drug free and friendly.

We offer residential painting and commercial painting in Seattle Metro Area.

Contact Us for a truly professional experience with your next painting project.